• "In my 70+ years this is the first time I have enjoyed going to a dentist office. Dr. - Kurt and his staff are wonderful."
    by Ann on FB
  • "The Linkoff Dental Center has been an entrusted part of my family Heathcare network for over 20 years. Dr. Linkoff's attention to detail, insistence on patient comfort, and achieving the optimal outcome is consistently evident. I'd recommend the Linkoff practice to those I care for dearly as his special touch in the dental office is the best I've personally encountered. The results speak volumes and you'll leave feeling cared for, valued, and with a clear plan for sustained dental health!"
    by Rick on Google
  • "I have been terribly afraid of dentists since I was a young girl. They seemed to always hurt me in some way and when I hear a drill I almost jump off the chair. I had two friends refer me to Dr. Linkoff , and at first I was skeptical but they both reassured me I would be treated gently. First of all they have the most friendly staff each and everyone there is there to help you and put your fears to rest. His dental assistant is one of the most positive man I’ve ever met. I did get in Dr. Linoff’s chair and he reassured me that I did not have to be fearful. I had some old fillings removed and refilled. He asked me several times if I was okay. And I was. He did some cosmetic work on my teeth that I am thrilled to pieces to have done. All this was done without pain and right in his office. I will recommend Dr. Linkoff and his office staff to anyone that needs dental work. I thank my two friends for recommending him and I’m doing the same. Marion Ballantyne “Shirley “"
    by Shirley on Google
  • "We have been patients for twenty years, and experience consistent excellent care and a well run office. Highly recommend Dr. Linkoff and his staff to anyone looking for a dentist you can trust!"
    by Peggy on Google
  • "What a dental experience! Dr. Linkoff is the greatest dentist of all time, maybe even better at dentistry than Michael Jordan was at basketball. Highly recommend this office and the entire staff. We’ve even started taking our 3 year old here and she doesn’t stop talking about seeing Dr. Linkoff and team."
    by Bryan on Google
  • "07/28/2020
    As a young adult, I wanted to find a dental office that has a family feel and where I would feel comfortable for all of my appointments. Dr. Linkoff and his team do that and more. Two thumbs way up if you’re looking to find the right dentist."
    by Rachel Hoffman
  • "02/2020
    Dr. Linkoff and his team provide a family first experience for his patients. While my dental needs have changed over the years, Dr. Linkoff and his hygienists have provided amazing consistency in their quality of services of provided. I’ve also picked up a ton of dental information and knowledge from their FB page. If you’re looking for a Doctor who will look out for you while building a personal relationship ship, then this is the place to go."
    by Max Sagenkahn
  • "02/2020
    It’s easy to see why so many patients continue to come back to this office"
    by Jill Linkoff.
  • "11/2019
    I am an anxious person when it comes to dentists. Dr. Linkoff has a very calming demeanor. He is great with Novocain & getting fillings is super easy. Also, fun fact- he does Botox! I usually go to a super expensive dermatologist in DC, but Dr Linkoff did a lovely job & is so much closer. He is also very upfront about what he is & isn’t comfortable doing."
    by Emily Shank
  • "07/2019
    In my 70+ years this is the first time I have enjoyed going to a dentist office. Dr. Kurt and his staff are wonderful."
    by Ann Bullock
  • "07/2019
    By far the best Dental practice i have ever been to. Dr Linkoff and his staff are the best. I recomend them to everyone i know."
    by Randy Somers
  • "07/2018
    A very professional and knowledgeable practice, but they also have that personal touch that’s hard to find in a dentistry. I definitely recommend Dr. Linkoff."
    by Andrew Lean
  • "07/2018
    One of the best dentists I've ever had I highly recommend Dr. Linkoff and his staff. They are very professional and overall they care for both your dental health as well as yourself. I in my particular case unfortunately have to have permanent tooth extractions and Dentures do to a family gum disease that runs high on both sides of my family. I already have a top plate thanks to him. I'm no longer in discomfort or Pain they are also very reasonable on pricing and accept all current dental plans and I'm currently in the process of getting the Bottom ones done soon prior to the making of this review. When it comes to that he knows what he's doing and like the rest of my family that are also go to him we have had very bad experiences in the past with dentists I can say out of high confidence and respect he and his staff are the best in the field of Dentistry. So again I highly recommend Dr.Kurt B. Linkoff Dentistry."
    by Fox Miller
  • "07/2018
    Dr. Linkoff is extremely professional, kind, gentle, and knowledgeable. For most of my married life, a family member took care of my dental needs. When he retired...Dr. Linkoff was recommended to me as being just who I needed. HOW RIGHT THEY WERE!!! Not only does he quickly assess the issue, he carefully solves the problem at hand in the most caring manner."
    by Barbara Friedmanr
  • "07/2018
    I've been going here for years. Dr Linkoff and his team are the best I've found. I'm a big scaredy cat at the dentist and they have always managed my fears so well. Dr Linkoff goes out of his way to make sure the visit is as smooth and pain free as possible and is always ready to answer questions."
    by Mistress V
  • "07/2018
    I travel from Philadelphia to see Dr. Linkoff for 20 years now. You can’t find a better dentist and a great staff. Always accommodating."
    by Andrew Ano
  • "07/2018
    My family has been with Dr Linkoff for over 20 years. Very highly recommended!!"
    by Paul T
  • "07/2018
    Great experience! I have seen Dr. Linkoff since I was 16 and I'm now 45. Wouldn't want to go anywhere else."
    by Andrea Harrison
  • "07/2018
    Such a great experience always"
    by Heather Schaefer
  • "07/2018
    Awesome Dentist !"
    by I F

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